Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wow. It's been a long time since I've written anything here. My laptop crapped out though and I'm using my old desktop computer again for a little while until i get a new one. 
So many sad things this last year or so. Two acquaintances of mine died, my brother's wife died of cancer, another friend died about a month ago. My brother's wife's passing really hit me hard. It made me do some hard thinking about what the hell I'm doing in my life. To much dawdling around, acting as if I'm immortal. I'm trying to be more serious, trying to do more; but it doesn't come naturally to me. I tend to be a dreamer. Lots of good ideas, not enough action. I'm trying to change. It's difficult when your older and locked into your routines. 

I'm going to be moving soon and don't know where I'm going to end up. I just hope I land on my feet instead of on my head as usual. :-D  

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Just Random Stuff

No person, group, government, or religion has the right to force a person or group of peeple to believe in any particular religion, philosophy or idea. - W. D.

When the French Navy retired the Morse code in 1992, 

they broadcast a final message: :



In 1992 there was less than 1.5 gigawatts of wind power in the US.
In 2012, there are 12 gigawatts. 

Hmmmm, Trebuchet Large looks nice. 
Clean, Modern, it can also help quick 
brown foxes jump over lazy dogs. 

And Let that Lazy Sleeping Dog Lie!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



In the book "Micro" by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston, The sociopathic CEO antagonist uses miniaturization technology developed by his company to kill those who learn his secrets or stand in his way. He sees enemies all around, Uses everyone, and discards or kills those he has no use for. A group of College Graduate students, drawn by the lure of making big money, travel to Hawaii to see the companies facility. They learn something they shouldn't and get on the bad guy's bad side, he shrinks them, then tries to kill them but fails. Then, they seek revenge.

Micrometer Scale Electro-Mechanical Systems and Technology

    In the book "Micro" by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston, a machine exists that can shrink machines and living things down to about 1 mm. While such a machine is, of course, Science Fiction, it IS possible to build extremely small machines. Since the 1980's, the Idea of nanotechnology has been thought to be the wave of the future. But while several things have been developed into actual products, the almost magical transformational technological wonders that were promised have not been realized. 

    Above the scale of nano-meters is micro-meters. Here again, while progress is being made, nothing really wonderful has come out of it. Many scientists and technical researchers are working on building Micro-machines. They started in the early `90's with parts etched out of silicon wafers since that technology was so ubiquitous. These days, other substances are being experimented with and truthfully, I am not currently knowledgeable about the state of the art. I have seen pictures of small gears and levers that can act as miniature locks, clocks nd other mechanical devices. Soon, little mechanical robots, microbots, will be roaming our world, doing good and probably doing mischief also.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013



elt-fonic was a misprint on my part. I decided to use it in one of my "words from word endings" study. So many unused strings of words! Just waiting to be defined and given life! 

Add to "The Dictionary of All Possible Words" --

~ undefined words ~

Aelt-fonic, belt-fonic, Celt-fonics - (language about the language of the Celts), felt-fonic {language dealing with felt and felt products?}, gelt-fonics (- words about money), Kelt-fonics (Celtfonics, alternate spelling), Meltfonics - melting things with sound; Velt-fonics; Welt-fonic or VeltSprekken {European names for the World Language in 2301 A.D}.

{Elf-fonics? Aelt-fonics?, quilt-fonics - language about quilts?; Veldt-fonics }

Leftovers - deltfonic, heltfonic, jeltfonic, keltfonic, leltfonic, neltfonic, pelt-fonic, qelt-fonic,, reltfonic, seltfonic, teltfonic, veltfonic, weltfonics, xeltfonic, yelt-fonici, zeltfonico.   


Good Names for Musical Bands --­--  Bell-fonics, Cell-fonics, Dell-fonics,
 Gell-fonics, Hell-foncis, Jell-fonics, Jello-Fonics,  Kell-fonics,
Velt-fonics or Weldt-Fonics.

A word gleaned from the  N Y Times Comments section - "Techno-Fascism". I've had this word in my mind for quite a few years but I can't remember if I ever wrote it down. I had defined it as a sort of fascism in which technology is used to watch peeple. listen to peeple, spy on peeple, used to weed out political dissidents, and basically used to control everyone. Which is pretty much where we are headed.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mind Dump

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  -- John 1:1

"In the beginning was the Equation, and the Equation was God."  William 1:1

Submarine Jews - They surface twice a year for the Holidays.
"Welcome to the Anthropocene."  Tony, Long Island,

From comments section of the article - NY Times -  Op-Ed Columnist
Hitting China’s Wall, By PAUL KRUGMAN
Published: July 18, 2013

With Wish-alloy, duct tape and a little WD-50, we can make anything. 

MKUltra - A CIA program in the 1950's to explore methods of brainwashing people and teaching people to resist brainwashing because of fears that the Chinese communists had developed such techniques.

That's an inteesting word, brainwashing. As in "He was brainwashed"
It would perhaps be more accurate to say that such peeple had been 'reprogrammed'.

~ Mind reprogramming, Reprogramming - The malevolent 'reprogramming' of a person's mind and thinking so that they believe, endorse, advocate, and support whatever ideology or religion that the programmers want them to. A technique used by Communism, Socialism, Islam, and Scientology.

Variations - deprogrammed, malprogrammed, psych-programmed
This section I wrote down after reading a book about the 'religion' of Scientology. I wrote a book report on it which I may post in the future.

 Three "Churches" incorporated by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of 'Scientology' -

The Church of American Science
The Church of Spiritual Engineering
The Church of Scientology

 My versions -

The First American Church of Science
The First American Church of Engineering
The Church of Spiritology

No person, group, government, or religion has the right to force a person or group of peeple to believe in any particular religion, philosophy or idea.
----- W.D.    

No one has any right to force data on you and command you to believe it or else.
    -  L. Ron Hubbard
truggle -  a name for a game or a pet. "Here truggle, c'me'ere, boy!"

"Comparing the rate of homicides and suicides caused by guns in the U.S. to countries in Europe like the U.K., Germany, France, etc. is disingenuous and misleading. A more truthful comparison would be between the entire European Union and the U.S., or Russia and America, or between China and America. (I've never looked into that myself, but would be interested in the results.)" - W.D.
  From a Satirical webpage about sentience -

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - In a victory for advocates of states' rights, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 yesterday that Tennessee citizens are sentient beings with a capacity to make certain decisions for themselves.

      Chief Justice William Rehnquist, writing the Court's majority opinion, stated that, "The absence of higher forms of cognitive thinking skills on a statewide level does not preclude the application of the individual liberties guaranteed in the First Amendment to the residents of that state, no matter how strong the evidence is toward their collective lack of intelligence."

     In his decision, Boone County Judge Ernest G. Tubbs defined sentience as "the ability to perform certain basic functions, such as feeding oneself and avoiding falling off bridges,"

    Argued Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in her statement yesterday: "Mr. McCardle and the other countless Tennesseeans who exhibit no sign of cerebral activity are sentient solely by virtue of the blood flow to the brain, regardless of the frequency and quality of activity with which the said brain happens to be engaged."
I thought these up while reading the website RussianSpace Web by Antoly Zak.

[If you want to know anything and everything about the subject of what the Soviets and Russians have done or are doing in the field of Aerospace technology, this is the place to learn it. I highly recommmend it. ]

"Your the Reds, we're the Blues.
You run hot, but we stay cool."

What? You guys wanna fight? Well...

"We're the Blues, You're the Reds."
Our techs better, you'll be dead."

"Svobodny knows.... the trouble I've seen....
"Svobodny knows at all......" 

{{The Russians are building a new launch facility near a town called Svobodny}}
The last Spruance class Destroyer was the USS Hayler DD-997.

For a Military Fiction novel there could be two more numbers used -

DD 998 Murray-O'Hair
DD 999 Megiddo

(There is a ship of this class named Ingersoll. I don't know if it was named after the famous Atheist, Robert Ingersoll, but it inspired me to name one of these ships after Madyln Murray-O'Hair, long time president of the American Atheists Society. The source of the name of the other ship is obvious.)
The neighbors are beside themselves, but they are not beside each other. - wd
A reply I wrote in the comments section of a NY Times article - The Space industry is one of America's shining jewels. It is one of the few industries on earth that we have a definite advantage in. We should leverage that advantage by 'going it alone' as much as possible so that those companies that produce the hardware and software for Rockets, Satellites, Spacecraft, and Spaceships are right here in the USA. They will not only provide employment but as development in space accelerates, will boost our economy tremendously.

Anyone wanna buy some moon aluminum at 1 cent per ton?
In a PDF from the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar are mentioned. What the hell in the name of god did they find in the Temple of Solomon that was so important that they had to rush back to Rome and seek an audience with the Pope? The Holy Grail? The Ark of the Covenent? The bodily remains of Jesus? Proof that Jesus had been married? or had children? They found SOMETHING. And whatever it was, when eventually revealed, is going to rock the foundations of the Christian world like a magnitude 12 Earthquake.
From a comment in the NY Times - It's good to see Adam Smith quoted here--let me cite, from memory, a useful passage "the vile motto of the masters of mankind is 'everything for ourselves and nothing for other people'," an apt description of the Banksters, Corpo-criminals and Wall Street -- supported by conservative political parties everywhere.
October 2012 Statistics On Airport Screening from
The Department Of Homeland Security:

Breast Implants - 59,350
Enlarged Prostates - 8,249
Hernias - 1,485
Hemorrhoid Cases - 3,172
Transvestites - 133
Natural Blondes - 31
Terrorists Discovered - 0

It was also discovered that 535 members of Congress had no balls.

Thought you'd like to know…

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monster from the Id

In the U.S. it has become customary when asking for someone's identification to say, "Can I see your I.D.?" This bothers me because it sounds like the I and D represent two different words. If they said "Could I see your id, that would be odd, because it sounds like they are looking into your soul. I suppose they could say, "Could I see your I" but then peeple would react by saying "My eye? Can't you see my eyes already?" (unless it's a one eyed man. { "I didn't do it! It was the one eyed man !" } ) Now, since it is a card, maybe what they should say is "Can I see your Identification card?" , or "Can I see your I.C.?". Hmm, that sounds a little strange too, now that I think about it. See your eye-cee? Senor Icey? Another thought that has occurred to me while I'm writing this is that I.D. could stand for Identification Document. But it's not really a document, its a card, usually your Driver's license. (We don't have a national ID card system in the U.S. )

And that brings us back to square one, or as my father use to say when making a point in an argument, numero uno number one. 

So, Can I see your I.D.?

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